English Bulldog Puppies

Our English Bulldog puppies come from great bloodlines. We breed “Exotic Colored” bulldogs with the best genetics and structure available.

The English Bulldog

is the most recognizable breed in the world. They become very attached to their owners creating a very loyal, and lovable bond, especially with children. They are known as gentle companions and one of our favorite dog breeds, too.

We love our English Bulldogs. We are always working hard to provide the best care for them, and we also give each in every one of our pups all of the attention they need and deserve. Their attitudes towards life make us want nothing but happiness in their lives – they truly are one of the most loving and lovable dogs.


Our bulldogs are part of our family

We breed with incredibly high standards and care knowing our puppies will be a part of your family someday.

We do a limited number of English bulldog puppy litters each year to ensure our puppies get the care and attention they deserve.

Our bulldogs are part of our family and we breed with incredibly high standards and care knowing our puppies will be a part of your family someday.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our adoption fees start at $4,000-$6,000 to approved pet homes that already have the experience and knowledge of what bulldogs will be required to have and the problems that might arise as they grow of age.
Most people are very quick to believe all the misinformation they find online that isn’t backed up and so quick to blame the breed or overbreeding which is the utmost crock of shit ever! We are very picky about what genetics and pedigree we allow in our program and all of the parents are health tested before breeding to ensure the best quality of life for our bulldog babies.

In the 14 plus years we have been breeding we can honestly say the only problem we have came across is the common Cherry eyes. We have never experienced any of the horror stories you read about online as from the gate when we started we knew we wanted the best quality and health and that never came cheap!! Looking for a cheap bulldog will save you money on the purchase price but it can go over ten fold in vet bills from not buying from the correct breeder that knows his lines and does his part of proper health testing.
Both breeds are flat faced (Brachycephalic) and can have breathing issues and don’t do well with the heat that being said nothing makes one healthier or less then another. They can both have similar issues. The main difference is one is full of energy and the other is way more laid back.
We have been breeding and raising Bulldogs since 2007 we started with our pet Scooby and the love and the bulldog fever just grew for us to be able to provide families with a bulldog of their own to love and enjoy life with.
If you are looking for a jogging partner the answer is NO!!

Bulldogs don’t require much exercise nor do they want it. They can go for a brisk walk for a few blocks late or early mornings as long as the temperatures are good for them. They can and many do go camping but they aren’t out there running themselves wild. Every now and then you will find a crazy bulldog that just goes crazy and can go for a good walk no problem but that is very rare especially with their flat faces.
You should look for a veterinarian that has experience with the bulldog breed and your local vet office might be just fine.

Many are quick to shy away from them and refer them to another “specialist” which there’s no such thing as a one vet strictly for one breed.

All vets should know about the breed and its special needs but not have a label as a “Bulldog Specialist”.. When we see that we run with all honesty.
You should breed your female when she has had her second heat cycle and is fully mature in the sense of her overall look.

Breeding her at a young age can stun her growth and that is something that can not be reversed.

Some breeders say that you should wait so the female is a good mother but that is irrelevant as they go through C sections and its highly unlikely the mom would want them right away. It takes a few days for them to really warm up to them.

It’s definitely not the same as natural labor.
First and foremost you should produce your own male if you are a so called breeder and not just a dog pimp.

After you have the male with the traits you envision is a great representative of the breed and what you strive to produce you must have some great offspring to show off what this stud is capable of doing with his genetic traits and dna.

If your male is providing what you say others will contact you on their own but there is a few places you can offer your services like






The best ones are some Facebook groups that have many bulldog breeders world wide and are amazing as well.

Many people also like going to shows But for the Exotic Colors we breed AKC does not show them in their show ring. Only other option is going to a bully show near you and getting to know others and showing your production off and stud.
We separate ourselves with quality and genetic traits that are what a true representation of breed is and unfortunately when you are doing things right and not cutting any corners that adds to the overall price of our Bulldog Puppies.

We always go the extra mile to ensure healthy litters and try to outproduce the quality of each previous litter.

With First Class Bulldogs you are not just getting a bulldog puppy you are getting years of experience with that and Ethical breeders that will stand by their bulldogs!!

Customer service and overall experience is a huge priority to us!!

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